About OurTailgate

The traditional method of organizing a tailgate is highly inefficient - mass emails, calls, and headaches. Food is over or under estimated and often duplicated. Last minute changes cannot be easily communicated. As former college athletes who participated in pre and post game tailgates, we watched parents agonize over these events week after week. We created a platform to allow organizers to easily set up events, invite participants and let them enter what and how much they are bringing. Everyone has exposure to what is needed and what is already accounted for by others.

OurTailgate.com is the most efficient and effective way to manage tailgates. We continue to improve our site because of the wonderful feedback we receive from our thousands of users. Here are just a few of the hundreds of emails we have received:

I can't thank you enough, as it was so easy to set up, and made for such an easy way to communicate and organize. I especially liked the reminder emails the day before that went out to everyone.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This was the easiest tailgate planning ever! All the parents thanked me, thought the website was great! Thanks a million!

The OurTailgate.com Team